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5.11 Raven Range Tight Review

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Please meet 5.11’s Raven Range Tight — a.k.a. “Tactical Yoga Pants”. They are hands down the best pair of “yoga” pants you’ll ever wear. I’m hesitant to even associate them with yoga pants, except that they take on the same comfort as their lazy cousin.

Just as I am hesitant to consider them yoga pants, I was also very hesitant to spend $85 dollars on a pair. But, boy I am glad that I did!!

Raven Range Tights Review Raven Range Tights Review

The Raven Range tights are made from ‘Ponte di Roma’ fabric (which I looked up: it’s a double layer of fabric knitted with 2 sets of needles) Basically, this means they are durable as hell and super sleek.

Product Features:

  • Wide elastic waistband ( hello tummy control)
  • Belt loops and abrasion panels for your competition belt, holster and handgun
  • Reinforced poly-nylon panels for added comfort when moving between stages or hiking

My first time putting them on wasn’t for the range, but for a 10 day trip to Patagonia. I pack light, which means if it doesn’t go in a backpack, it’s not going on my trip. The Raven Range Tights were not only super comfortable during a long flight, but after two days of hiking and kayaking, they still fit snug and comfortably.  They were great for adding an extra layer of warmth too. With the double layer of fabric, these pants really cut down on any wind and cold getting to my legs. I even wore them underneath a wetsuit while kayaking (it was 45 and wind gust of 50MPH)

Kayaking Patagonia

My one and only complaint with the pants are the lack of pockets. I have other pairs of athletic gear that have an inside pocket along the waist for your phone, cash or even keys. Having a pocket along the leg for an extra mag would be awesome too.

Once I got home, I knew I needed to take these to the range, specifically a USPSA match. Stay tuned for part two of this review when I take them out to the range.

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