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Range Bag Essentials for women

8 Must-Have Range Bag Essentials

My first range bag was an old Dakine backpack that I used for traveling. It fit my gun cases, ears and a couple boxes of ammo. But, everything was disorganized and a lot of the smaller items fell to the bottom of the bag. I upgraded to an Ace Cases range bag in December and I absolutely love the bag, plus major bonus points because it’s made right here in the US.

While cleaning out my range bag the other day, I started to wonder what other Ladies kept in their bags. I reached out to my Instagram followers and asked what was their favorite range bag essentials. I put together a list of the most commonly mentioned items plus a few of my own must-haves.


Range Bag Essentials for women


Range Bag Must-Haves

  1. Upula Speed Loader – By far the most commented item was the speedloader. I don’t think there is much to say here besides that this gadget is amazing. You can load mags 10x faster and never break a nail. You can check out my Uplula speed loader review here.
  2. Protein Bars – A lot of ladies mentioned keeping protein bars in their bags. They’re great to curb any hangry tantrums on the range, plus they their extended shelf life means you can keep more than a few in there for down the road.
  3. Prince Tennis Grip – This one is a new favorite for me. I was introduced to this product when I shot my first USPSA match down south. My hands are normally pretty sweaty, but factor in southern heat and humidity and it was like my gun was on a slip n’ slide. A fellow shooter shared some of theirs with me and it was pretty much life-changing. It completely dries your hands, almost gives them a chalky feeling, but there is no grit or residue. I don’t think I’ll ever shoot outdoors without this, heck maybe even indoors as well. Find it on Amazon here, it’s a little pricey but totally worth it.
  4. Bug Spray – I can’t go to any outdoor ranges without bug spray. Specifically this brand and 99% DEET. Getting a bug bite while I’m shooting is a billion times worse than a having a piece of hot brass go down my shirt. Must. Repel. ALL. Bugs.
  5. Lead Off Wipes –  Another crowd favorite amongst us ladies.  These wipes are a great way to remove lead from your face and hands after shooting. Not to mention, they have also been recommended by the CDC for use after firing weapons. You can order them here: Lead Off Wipes
  6. Sun Screen: Protect your skin. Bottom line.
  7. Hair Ties – Another unanimous vote from my fellow 2A ladies. I think I could use extra hair ties in my car, my office and a few other places, not just my range bag.
  8. Push Pins –  These are great to keep in your bag in place of a stapler and also 10x lighter.

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